First drawing ever!
First drawing ever! | 2012-03-29 00:07:50
Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 50 mm, f/1.4, 1/2000 sec, iso 200

I picked up this idea of drawing in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet when I was in Switzerland, but I had no clue whatsoever. Actually I have never really drawn anything when I was younger but I had this urge to create something besides photos. So with my lack of knowledge and no clue how to begin really, this attempt failed in Switzerland. Then suddenly a few months later, Richard (also involved in the 52 weeks project) drew this photo of a model and it inspired me to go back on that idea to create a drawing myself. Confident that I am sometimes I set off to draw a photo of my girlfriend I took in the UK in 2011 and decided to make it black & white to remove the complexity of colour.

Sixteen hours later, I had a version which I deemed a little bit on the good track and sixteen hours later again I had a version which I could actually show to people. Now, after in total about 24 hours, this is the end product of my very first drawing ever! I really hope you like it.

Now, as a followup I decided to actually go do some value and line studies to improve my drawing. A lot of ideas are already forming in my head!!

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